Jessica New, Copywriter

Sid Lee

Real Work

While I interned at Sid Lee, I was lucky enough to work on several awesome projects.
A couple even made it to production.

Sid Lee Collective: Cleanless for Seamless

One day, a Sid Lee strategist had an epiphany: when you order delivery from Seamless, why can't you see the health ratings of each restaurant? And why are there so many "ghost restaurants," or restaurants that aren't even registered with the NYC Department of Health?

We set out to change that. 

I worked on developing the voice for the extension, the website, the Chrome store, and a short video. The project can be found here.

This project was a part of the Sid Lee Collective, a program for spending 10% of work time on passion projects.

ECD: Dan Brooks
Creative Technologist: Dofl Yun
Strategist: Warren Seuradge
Designer: Rui Ma
Copywriting Supervisor: Gracie Halpern

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.08.37 AM.png

LVMH: Volcán de mi Tierra

To help launch a new tequila from LVMH and Moët Hennessy, I worked on defining the incoming brand's voice, mission, tagline, and manifesto. The resulting manifesto video has been played at internal conferences since. The tagline and written manifesto have also served as the basis for content on both the brand's Instagram page and website.

The original manifesto below:

Volcán's Instagram:
The Volcán website:


ECD: Dan Brooks
Account Supervisor: Elaine Feinstein
Strategist: Warren Seuradge
Art Direction Intern: Keilani Mansfield