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Other Projects

Assorted lost socks from Brandcenter projects past.

Hot Topic: Facebook Messenger Chatbot

As part of a larger rebranding and campaign for Hot Topic, we created an outdoor version of the iconic t-shirt wall from the store. 

Through this extension, people can walk up to the wall and order a t-shirt right then and there via Facebook Messenger. Once they choose a shirt from the grid and provide their payment information, a brand new t-shirt from the Hot Topic wall will be on its way.

Experience Designer: Alex Rice
See more of the project and the full team listing here.



Two of my favorite visual storytelling projects are pretty different from each other.

One tells the emotional story of an alcoholic father and his son, set to a spoken word poem.

One recounts the story of a recent murder victim being buried.

Art Directors: Jake Broglio, Gianna D'Amico
Co-copywriter: Conor McFarland

Art Directors: Wes Ruff, Elliot Eliash
Co-copywriter: Matt Waronker
Grave Diggers: All of us. We dug a 6-foot grave for this.