Jessica New, Copywriter

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Other Projects

Assorted lost socks from VCU Brandcenter projects past.

Hot Topic: Facebook Messenger Chatbot

As part of a larger rebranding and campaign for Hot Topic, we created a refreshed, modern version of the iconic t-shirt wall from the store. 

Through this extension, people can walk up to an outdoor installation and order a t-shirt right then and there via Facebook Messenger. Once they choose a shirt from the grid and provide their payment information, a brand new t-shirt from the Hot Topic wall will be on its way.

Experience Designer: Alex Rice
See more of the project and the full team listing here.



Two of my favorite visual storytelling projects are pretty different from each other.

One brings a spoken word poem to life visually. And the other one promotes a horror film festival.

Art Directors: Jake Broglio, Gianna D'Amico
Co-copywriter: Conor McFarland

Art Directors: Wes Ruff, Elliot Eliash
Co-copywriter: Matt Waronker
Grave Diggers: All of us. We dug a 6-foot grave for this.