Jessica New, Copywriter

Herbal Essences


H E R B A L   E S S E N C E S

How do we take Herbal Essences' history of proudly celebrating young women and bring it into the modern age?


The task: Reinvigorate the Herbal Essences product line.

The problem: We discovered that Herbal Essences is not currently targeting the people who are actually buying their products.

THEIR TARGET:  Spontaneous, optimistic, confident young women

THEIR TARGET: Spontaneous, optimistic, confident young women

THEIR BUYER:  Reserved, quiet, self-conscious young women

THEIR BUYER: Reserved, quiet, self-conscious young women

Our new target: Meet our "Fearlessly Unique" girl:


She is:

  • Focused on making current trends her own

  • Inspired by art, books, time periods

  • Buying a variety of unique products at a lower price

She is not:

  • Focused on adopting current trends

  • Inspired by pop culture and fashion designers

  • Buying a couple of select high-end products


She is always switching it up with new products and styles on a daily basis
She is playful, but not girly and quirky, but not edgy
She embraces not only who she is, but whoever she might want to be.
She looks for experimentation, customization, and thoughtfulness in the products she buys



For the ever-evolving you: Herbal Essences enables every young woman to express her inner self — whoever that may be from day to day.

TAGLINE: Create Yourself







  • Stackable, interlocking bottles save space in the shower

  • Slightly smaller 8 oz size allows for mix and matching different scents to create whatever essence our girl is feeling that day

  • Smaller bottles also mean they can customize their ratio of shampoo to conditioner, since some women use more of one than the other

  • Renaming Body Envy to Body & Soul reflects our new messaging


In addition to redesigning the existing scents, we'll also release playful new scents to create even more options for the ever-evolving girl.

Wild & Freesia combines honey, freesia and black tea for a healthier scalp.

Our experience designer Margaret actually made this scent for our presentation. You can learn more about her process here



Not only did we revamp the bottles — we revamped the scents themselves to give each of them a unique, distinct "essence." Each scent has its own voice, personality, and look.

woodsy, fruity, warm, sun

woodsy, fruity, warm, sun

tropical, fun, summer, beach

tropical, fun, summer, beach

romance, fantasy, sweet, floral

romance, fantasy, sweet, floral

fresh, mint, earthy, tranquil

fresh, mint, earthy, tranquil

spontaneous, adventure, imagination, tart

spontaneous, adventure, imagination, tart

optimistic, youthful, carefree, honey

optimistic, youthful, carefree, honey


These essences are reflected in the whimsical illustrations on each label.




Every bottle label also features writing from emerging female artists, from song lyrics to poems to short stories, so young women can read the bottles and be creatively inspired by amazing role models while in the shower.

Writers are chosen for each scent based on the scent's essence, and Herbal Essences can rotate in new writers from time to time to further mix it up.



Our ever-evolving girl can also order her own customized packs of shampoo and conditioner directly from the Herbal Essences website.



We’ll celebrate emerging female writers by using ad space to feature their work in a magazine like Teen Vogue, turning it into a literary magazine.



Finally, on social media Herbal Essences would expand beyond #BadPickUpLinesPertainingToHair and #ShampooIsFunny... feature inspiring female artists and their advice to young women.


Creative Brand Manager: Rian Chandler-Dovis
Strategist: Emy Theodorakis
Art Director: Jessica Sugerman
Copywriter: Jessica New
Copywriter: Dennis Chen
Experience Designer: Margaret Karles