Jessica New, Copywriter



When your car breaks down, you can find yourself in either one of two mindsets: desperately panicking and calling any car-savvy person you know, or texting your friends about how bored you are waiting for a tow truck.

With AAA, you get peace of mind in a situation that would otherwise be really stressful. The fastest roadside assistance means you'll never have to go into survival mode.


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Currently when you're in an emergency and need to contact AAA, you have to find your membership card and the toll-free number on it, sit through a long list of menu options, and wait to be connected to someone—all while you might be in an unsafe location.

For an extra fee, AAA will instead offer an OnStar-like system for any member's car. When the member pushes the emergency button, they are automatically connected to a AAA representative who can already see their car's attached membership ID and GPS location.


Art Director: Josh Ghergel
Copywriter: Jessica New